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Trade Futures & Options On Futures Directly To The Exchange Thru Latest Online Technologies

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“Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers”

Q : How Are You Able To Offer Such Low Commission Rates ?
A : By Minimizing  Business Overhead Expenses,  We Are Able To Offer  Low Institutional Commission Rates  Along With Fast Quality Service
To All Traders  Worldwide  Large Or Small  Who Have “Experience”.  Trading  Is A  Business,  So Please  Approach It  As Such.  Your Business
Objective : “Decrease Your Expenses – Increase Your Performance”.
Q : How Fast & Reliable Are The Online Trading Platforms & Feeds ?
: Most  Of  The Trading  Platforms & Feeds  Were Created  By The  Pioneers  Of  The  Futures  Industry  With  Over 30 Years Of Technology
Advancements For Stability On The Front-End Along With Unfiltered Speed On The Back-End. Most Of The Trading Platform / Feed Vendors
Charge A Fee For Their Service.  Since  We Offer  A Wide Variety Of  Trading Platforms & Feeds,  We Decided To Market These Fees Separate
From The Commission Rate  In Order To Provide You  “Full Transparency”.
Q : What Kind Of Back-Up Service Will I Have In The Event Of An Emergency ?
A : 24 Hour Trade Desk  By Phone  For  “Emergency Exits Only”  If Needed.  Your Account Executive  In The Background  Will Be A Licensed
Series 3  Commodity Broker  With At Least  20 Years Of Experience  And A Self-Trader Too (Compared To Having A Broker With Little To No
Experience And Does not Trade Their Own Money). Also, Your Account Executive Will Help To Set Up Your Trading Account Properly And To
Make Sure You Are Being Serviced Fast & Efficiently (Days, Nights, Or Weekends).
Q : How Safe Is My Money ?
A : Client Funds Are  Held In Segregation And Deemed  “Separate”  From The Clearing Firm  As Required By Regulations.  The Funds Held In
Segregation  Are  “Not”  Subject To  Creditor  Claims Of  The Clearing Firm.  Funds Specifically Held  In The Customer Segregated Account Is
Located At The BMO Harris Bank In Chicago. The Clearing Firm Does  “Not”  Personally  Maintain  The Services Of  A Prop Trader. Also, You
Will Be Given A  Secured Client Login So You Can View Your Account Status And Account Statements Online.
Q : How Do I Know That Everything Is Legal & Legitimate ?
A : We Are Business Partners  “In Good Standing”  With Almost Every Reputable  Trading Platform Vendor & Data Feed Provider Within The
Futures Industry. Also, We Are  Registered With & Highly Regulated By A Regulatory Agency Called The  
National Futures Association (NFA).
IF You Decide To Give Us A Try And You Are Not  100%  Happy With Our Service, Then We Will “Close Out” Your Trading Account Instantly
With No Delays, Hassles, Or Penalties.

E-Mail Your Questions To :

National & International : 1-888-407-7918

* The Risk Of Loss In Trading Futures & Options On Futures Can Be Substantial *

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