*Caution : Only  Risk Capital  Can  Be Used For Trading.  All  Trading  Accounts Always  Have The Ability To Go Negative  So You Must Always
Manage Your Account  Properly.  Deep Discount Trading Online Is Recommended  For The  "Experienced Trader"  Who Takes Total Control Of
Their Own Trading Account.  If You Do Not Fully Understand All Of The Details Within This Website,  Then You Should "Not" Be Trading Thru
Us.  For The  "Inexperienced"  Trader, Then Please Consider "Guidance" Thru Trading Courses, Trading Rooms, Trading Softwares, Automated
Systems, And Managed Futures (That Use Risk Management).  "Please  Review  This  Website  Thoroughly  To  Avoid  Any  Misunderstanding".
*Funding & Withdrawing Your  Money : Account Minimum  For All Account Types  Is  $3,000  Or  Possibly Greater  Depending On The Margin
Requirement Of
 Your Personal Strategy.  When Funding Your Account, A Bank Wire Is Recommended For  "Safety & Speed".  A Business Or
Personal Cheque And ACH Transfer  Are Accepted,  But Please Keep In Mind There Is A 4 Business Day Hold Period.  Cashiers Cheque, Money
Order, Credit Card, Or Cash Are "Not" Accepted.  For The Additional Safety Of Your Money, Client Funds Are Held In Segregation & Deemed
"Separate"  From The Clearing Firm  As Required By
Regulations.  Funds Held In Segregation  Are  "Not"  Subject To Creditor Claims  Of The
Clearing Firm.  Funds Specifically Held  In The Customer Segregated Account  Is Located  At The  BMO Harris Bank  In Chicago.  The Clearing
Firm Does  "Not"  Personally Maintain The Services Of A Prop Trader.  Bank Wiring Instructions Are Located Within The Account Application.
We Do Not Charge Extra For In-Coming Wire
s To Us. But For Out-Going Funds Within The U.S.A. : Choice Of Same Day Wire For A $40 Fee
Or A Cheque By First Class Mail For No Fee. For Out-Going International Funds : $60 Wire Fee Or A Cheque By First Class Mail For No Fee.
*Most Non-U.S. Foreign Customers Are Accepted Including Canadians.  But You Must Be Able To Read, Speak, And Understand English Clearly.
*Application Process : A Decision Will Be Made By E-Mail Within 24 Hours
E-Mail Your Questions To :


National & International : 1-888-407-7918

* The Risk Of Loss In Trading Futures & Options On Futures Can Be Substantial *

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